Thug Campaign


We’re stranded in the Purgatory an endless line with a giant mountain.

We meet Craig and he gives Ursax his calling card

We find ourselves in Nirvanna and rewrite some of the records for the entire universe

Abyss Dungeon
Year 1

After being stranded in the frozen north we jump into a rift to The Abyss

Wiley is killed by a demon but Alister tells us how to save him

Ursax’s memory about The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is triggered and his implanted spell activates telling us the location

Goodbye Sims
Year 1

Sim’s retires from crime and his bakery in order to create Candyland

Wiley joins the group

Future Shock

We journeyed into the future and got a look at four mysterious and powerful beings. Ebet was destroyed, there was candy everywhere, their was no sun and a rift to the elemental planes

Return of Old Ned

Tork is captured by Old Ned and exposed to pure shadow

Demonic Mohrg Attack

The badger is killed when a Demonic Morgh attacks a large portion of the criminal underworld in Ebet

Prison Break
Year 0- Campaign Begins here

There is a massive prison break in the prison run by The Warden

Among the escaped are:

Yargus Born
Year -3

Yargus Created for ?

Alister Splits Soul
100 years ago

Alister splits his soul into four individuals

Old Ned and an unknown party serve as witness

Aroshian Empire

The Aroshian Empire is at war with ?

Their prophecized heroes appear from the future

Through magic the Aroshian’s force their heroes to help them in their war

The heroes return to their own time

The following characters were present


*King of the Aroshinian Empire

*Old Ned



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