Thug Campaign

Mystery Door

While conquering the city of Apex a mysterious door is found.

Beyond the door lies part of the secretive past of Alister Of The Deep and Old Ned.

Gram The Storm King is released upon the world again.

Ground Hog Day

It took six world resets but we eventually stopped a meteor from destroying Ebet

Alister had angered the gods and was responsible for the meteor but his mastery of time travel helped us save everything.

During our loops we killed The Mysterious Prisoner many times but he eluded us on the last loop. The ? was also invaded by Yargus inspired citizens and devastated by the meteor.

Candy Land Chaos

Sims asks for our help in Candy Land

We travel the demi plane undoing the chaos sown by two mysterious children

We are transformed into candy and confront the children

Urasx is seemingly killed by a rampaging triceratops

Kame Conquered

Ursax is captured by Drom and imprisoned in the Dwarven capital

Mordrid convinces Wiley to sacrifice Sim’s Dad in order to become a Lich

Drom is killed by Wiley and Tork

Ursax is killed during his rescue but reforms as a soul within The Grand Defender and quickly returns to his old selfs

Shadow Puppets


Mitch tricks us and imprisons us as shadow puppets

Memories of The Past

Brahman declares himself king and orders Ursax to be arrested

We find out that Alister has hidden portions of his soul within us

We are betrayed by our recent hires

Festival of Nations
Year 2

Ursax holds Olympic style games in order to impress other leaders.

We win the games and Ursax declares himself King of The Dwarves starting a the civil war

Jimmy The Sneak makes an appearance and is taken to Candyland

Ebet Conquered

Through taunting, intimidation and boasting with Zen we enter Ebet ahead of the army of Brightwood.

Through magic we kill and impersonate The King of Ebet much to the ire of Brahman

Brightwood Conquered

Castle Ursax is raised on the lair of the dead Sunwyrm

Morgan is installed as Steward of Castle Ursax

The king of Brightwood tries to claim the treasure as his own

We are captured and taunted by Rightey

We challenge the King of Brightwood to a trial by combat and defeat him

Doug is installed as Steward of Brightwood

Dragon Slaying

After returning from the past and swearing vengeance on King of the Aroshinian Empire we travel north to Brightwood slay The Sunwyrm

Tork becomes a shadowlord

Ursax reclaims the Axe of The Dwarvish Lords

Wiley Claims the Becon of True Faith as testament of his faith to Rovogog

Yargus Claims The Moaning Diamond


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